How to deliver right on time with Mercedes PRO.

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Mercedes PRO connect offers you "Simplified Fleet communication" by allowing a direct connection between the fleet manager and driver. This makes your communication more interactive, quicker and harder to misunderstand. The fleet manager is able to send messages to the Mercedes PRO connect App* via the Vehicle Management Tool and allocate assignments. Thanks to the vehicle's internet connection, further services, such as the creation of an internet hotspot, are also possible.

** The Mercedes PRO connect connectivity and fleet solution supports your fleet manager with "Efficient Fleet Management", with which he/she can be helped to keep an overview and quickly and flexibly plan journeys. With its help you can call up both the vehicle location and the vehicle status at any time. This allows the optimised utilisation of your fleet thanks to forward-looking and flexible planning and therefore increased productivity of your company. * The Mercedes PRO connect App must not be used while the vehicle is on the move.

Otherwise there is a danger of being distracted from the traffic, and of the driver or others being endangered. Please also observe the legal requirements of the country in which you are currently located. ** The service "Internet in the car" is available in selected countries. Contact your Mercedes-Benz dealer for more information.

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